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Thank you, Rashmi, for helping me transform my fractious, practically non-existent relationship with my team to one of dignity and mutual respect. Your ability to help me take ownership for my part in the breakdown was invaluable. Working with you taught me to be vulnerable, and we now share an honesty that was sorely lacking.

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R.R. Publisher,
Manila, Philippines

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Rashmi excels in her leadership coaching by asking the tough questions that peel back the false assumptions driving our behavior. I left every session with an "aha" moment... The time I spend with Rashmi consistently adds value to my work…

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B.S., Product Manager,
Reston, VA.

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Rashmi has a knack for bringing hidden assessments dwelling below the surface into the light, transforming actions I take and driving results.

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Senior Executive,
Washington, D.C.

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Rashmi, you tidy up my mind. Thank you!

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Tokyo, Japan

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Thanks so much for listening and for providing such insightful feedback. It's a relief to have gotten your constructive thoughts and pinpointing of the primary issue at hand after my ramblings the other day.

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L.S. Manager, non-profit,
Washington, D.C.

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I want to write to you to tell you how much calmer I feel today after talking to you yesterday. Thank you so much! As you know, I was quite upset by something that occurred at work the day before and I couldn't quite shake it. Your coaching helped me to unlock the whole thing. I feel like together we just undid more than 30 years of conditioning! The peace I feel is so refreshing and I feel alive! All it took was a brief conversation with you -- wow, now that is some powerful coaching, Rashmi!

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entrepreneur, U.S.A.

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Rashmi is a highly skilled coach; I no longer avoid sticky conversations or view them as treacherous. I am a better leader from coaching with Rashmi.

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Program Manager, U.S.A.

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Ultimately, if you care about reaching peak performance in your work, you need a coach like Rashmi to challenge your way of thinking and push you to achieve definitive breakthroughs in your capabilities as a business leader.

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B.S., Product Manager,
Reston, VA.

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I had the deep privilege to spend time with Rashmi Nair-Ripley doing some simple yet powerful work...She is adept at guiding you to make the connection between the intellect, the emotions, and the physical body. Tapping into this powerful connection can help unleash your most potent tool, your true self.

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H.P.,Executive Director,
Baltimore, MD

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Rashmi listens to her clients with a keen ear and open heart, so her questions and suggestions for action are sensitively spot-on. From this nourishing place, she helps clients (like me!) understand themselves more deeply, enabling them to move forward with enthusiastic confidence. Thank you, Rashmi.

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entrepreneur U.S.A.

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Rashmi embodies wisdom, and compassion. You cannot be in Rashmi's presence for long without walking away the better for it. Her insight is penetrating. Her questions open up realms of self-discovery previously hidden. And her warmth, generosity and graciousness feed the soul.

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Therapist, U.S.A.

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